Downwind prone board size help

Hi everyone.
I want to get away from surfers on the lineup to do my takeoff. I’m on a 3’10 30lt prone board and a high aspect foil.
A company have a big sale on downwind boards and I’m looking at their 5’6 x 17"1/2x 80lt model.
You guys recon is too small for what I want to do with it???
I’m 5’8x 134 lb
I want to catch waves before they brake on the shoulder or when they’re just still a bump.
Looking for a one board quiver. Maybe to do some downwind too.

There’s already a thread on “mid length” prone boards which is essentially what you are describing here.

My daily board is a JS Mister Bennetts 4’5 @29L but I’m looking to add something like a 5’5x17@55L into the quiver to do what you are describing

But this one I’m looking at by Gong is 5’6 but 80lt!!!
Too thick? You think I can also SUP it?

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I’m probably the wrong person to ask as I have no interest in SUP anymore (just sold my downwinder) I just enjoy prone so much more so my hope with the midlength board is it allows me to surf barely breaking small stuff but also have the ability to paddle longer distances easier to further away breaks and maybe even downwind on the prone one day.

80L would be way to much for me and at that point then I’d just rather SUP, I want it to paddle as fast as possible yet still be relatively nimble as a prone board once surfing

Check out what paul cooper is doing on his Majek Burner X

If you want a “true downwind prone board” you’re looking more at things upwards of 7’5" x 17 but that’s more for open ocean stuff

Bro I totally agree with you and that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Sup was just an extra option.

Why you think 80lt is too much than? Won’t turn good?
But I guess it will really catch anything and non braking waves

If you’re already surfing a 30L board fine (I’m on a 29L board most of the time) I don’t think you need a crazy 80L board which yes just will add a tonne of thickness and weight (at which point I’d just buy a downwind SUP board)

keep it relatively long and skinny and around 50-60L and you probably have all the paddle speed you’ll need to catch most things.

I haven’t actually tested one of these myself yet (got a demo in a couple of weeks time on a 5x17@50L) but after seeing what happened with the evolution of downwind SUP’s I think it all makes a lot of sense

I see what you mean. The only thing is that the 929$ offer is pretty tempting!

it’s not a bargain if it’s not the right board for you

But also you have a much better idea of what kind of board you are after than me I’m just noting what I’m looking for and I’d never personally consider a 80L prone board at that stage I’d just rather SUP a 50-60L board might seem just as silly to you though!

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Got it. So who in the market is making a prone under 6’ , 17/18" wide that’s around 50-60 Lt ?

Amos, Konrad, Majek and I’m sure most places could do a custom

I’m looking at an Appletree 5’ 5" x 19" x 3.83" 52L. I also liked the Amos, just seemed a bit thick, They don’t show this on their site, but if you send them a message, they have made a few of these. Based off the Down wind Skipper shape

Did they send you a pic? What they call it?

Ch[quote=“JF4246, post:11, topic:3638, full:true”]
I’m looking at an Appletree 5’ 5" x 19" x 3.83" 52L. I also liked the Amos, just seemed a bit thick, They don’t show this on their site, but if you send them a message, they have made a few of these. Based off the Down wind Skipper shape



I have a very similar skipper DW board in 5’7”. See below for some pics and the original dims (pretty sure these have changed).

Caveat that I’m primarily using it winging. Super fun board, built quite light, very balanced, but the displacement hull lacks stability. I have only tried proning this board a couple times and wasn’t able to paddle into unbroken waves (but I’m a total punter prone, so YMMV). With the wing I can definitely downsize my gear due to the efficiency IF the conditions are clean and this is where the board shines. If it’s messy and cross grained I need to use the same gear as I’d use on a smaller board, as the board doesn’t improve efficiency in messy surface conditions. Touchdowns and pumping are very easy. Build quality is bomber and tracks are perfectly placed (riding them in the middle where I’m slammed forward in a lot of other boards). Super fun board when conditions are right, but I wouldn’t want it as a one board quiver. For my purposes I probably would have gotten one size larger if I did it again, I would not go narrower though due to the instability.

I also think this board would be incredible with a FoilDrive. hmmmmm…

Yeah thanks
I don’t like the round shape on the skipper dw, have heard they are bringing out a v2 which is not round like a canoe.
Think you can go narrower with a boxier rail to stop role like sunova have got on the carver while still getting release

I think you are right (you can go narrower with the boxier rail), but I think the displacement is faster if you can balance it. Most of the custom KTs (like KD’s) are displacement hulls.

Kanes boards are more tucked rails at front into boxy with chines at back. I messaged with him last week and his boards now are evolutions of the Omen boards where as the appletree is very round all along but really round at the tail.
Kane’s are flat at tail which give the planing surface, he showed me a 5’5 he just did for his mate looks awesome.
If it wasn’t for the cost of shipping to uk I’d get a kt Kane custom for sure :blush:


I was talking about the KT DW boards. You are right on his prone board - much different.

I think his dw board has a flat behind foil with sharper chines.
Of course he can ride anything though but he seems prefer this shape

Here is what they sent me


Very nice board and dims. I can’t find the 5-7 on their website. Would you mind sending the link?