DW back leg burn

I’ve done bay runs and now a few ocean runs, I’m fine on runs about 3km long but after that my rear quad buuuurrns!

I think it is because my foil is a little slow and doesn’t keep up with the bumps the best so I keep pealing off and pump or connect to one behind. The part that kills me is when I’m between nice packets of bumps and I’m pumping 90 degrees more or less to the wind direction searching for next glide. I’m trying to search for all the little bit of energy along the way to take some effort off the legs. I shift my feet around trying to find the sweeter spot or change muscle use too.

Any reasons, tips, things I can tweak to relieve this quad exhaustion? I’m hoping to paddle up the HPS 980 soon, as I find this wing much more efficient to use, can up and over if need but mainly stays with the bumps and glides a lot better.

l’m currently using the axis 1010 PNG with 375p (shimmed 1 degree flatter) 75 alu mast and Sunova 6’6’’ Aviator Pro DW. I have the mast about 60mm (2 1/3’’) in front of the CoG of board and foil as this makes the transition from paddling to flying easier. (I’m 90kg).

I also have the 1150 which is good for the bay slow bumps. Is it worth getting rid of the 1150 and 1010 and getting a 1300? The main loss would be the maneuverability of the 1010 and less so the 1150 going to the 1300. I have heard the 1300 has better top end that both the former foils.

Thanks in advance Vince

I don’t know jack about DWing but back leg burning says move the mast forward to me.

Similar situation for me on my Kujira 1210 and/or 1440 when I’m downwinding in the gorge. My back calf burns and my mast is all the way forward. When I move my stance back to accommodate, I find it really difficult to not breach when descending on the more powerful bumps. I’m assuming the answer is shifting my feet more often - I like to carve as much as possible (rather than just stand there and glide). So maybe bring my front foot back a couple inches during the glide then step it back forward for the carves and bigger bumps? That’s my best guess for now…

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Force yourself to bring your front foot back. If you stand gets to narrow, bring your back foot back as well.
You need to shift your center of gravity more to the back to not just weight on one leg.
But if you stand so much to the front when you are on a bump, that could be an indication for an overpowered foil. When you think about the 1300. I love it, one of my favorite foil. You can chop it to 1200 that makes it even faster.

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