Stance for takeoff DW

Hi All…I’m having reasonable success with DW sup now. Still no pro, but I do pretty well on foil, once I’m up. reading bumps pretty well, staying high on the mast, pumping to fade off the back or overtake…

I’m blowing a lot of my starts, though, and I think it’s from my stance. Do most of the good DW paddlers begin with both feet more centerlines on the stringer, then move feet to a more offset stance?

I keep carving off (usually boards toe side) as I’m building speed or when I’ve just gotten on foil but am going slow.

Any tips? Thanks!

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Nice work. Hard to say without and video…
Takeoff and pumping more centre line stance can help keep the foil more level while pumping… then again others skilled can still keep the foil level with offset stance.
Using a big j stroke while taking off and throw you off, instead try paddle staright down the rail of the board and angle the blade instead see if that helps, good luck

I think I’m right about at the same place you are. I do fine once up, but take way to long to get going. Our first one at 3 miles, it took me all of about 2 to get up, then once i did i finished the run.
I stand centerline all the time, i think where i need dialing is mast position and how fwd/rear I am. I feel like 4/5 times i end up stalling on top/back of the bump not able to push it over and get going. When i do get going, i end up shuffling my feet back to a comfy pump position.

That makes sense. I tried my first SUP foil DW with a Cabrinha h1200 stock tail (Armstrong 6’8"/96L), and realized (on the run, of course) that I have the mast a little too far forward for SUP. OR…maybe it’s fine and I need to widen my stance (move back foot further back) for the takeoff, then shift back foot forward once up.

My biggest issue was that I was getting up, but going slow (i.e.unstable), and too nose-high to really get going up to speed/stable.

I’m going to move the mast back one inch for the next attempt.

Good luck!

your board should be skinny enough that you can’t use a offset stance :wink:

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I just did a video and I thought of this post, because you can see that my stance is pretty offset. The water was very messy this day, so I was probably more offset than normal. The other thing to help out is to drag your paddle back up to the top for stabilization. Check the beginning of the video and you can see how I never take the paddle out of the water completely until I get going and trying to lift.
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