End of dock starter - for working on pumping?

I’ve been wanting to work on my pump for a while now. Prone surf foiler who can connect 1 or 2 but my pump isn’t good enough to regularly link more.

I bought a seadoo but struggled to find people to regularly go out and drive me around while I pump. I live in a remote location so I likely can’t resell a tow boogie or foil drive.

I tried dockstarting last year but because we live on a stretch of coastline with lots of stormy weather, swell, and fishing boats, our docks are all really high (a lot are higher than my largest mast). A few pump master friends looked and said “yep, that’s about as hard as it gets for dockstarting”. haha

So I’ve been considering building an end-of-dock launcher like Wake Theif did: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-ua2ktzOv0

There are a few spots that might work well for this a few blocks from my house.

^This is the best spot I found. The edige of the dock railing is 27" high. The board might be 1 or 2 " below that. I figure it will work fine.

Does anyone have experience with a dock starter kit like this? Do you think this would be a good way to work on (and film) the technique of pumping for prone?

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What foil do you have? Some foils are easier to dockstart than others.

Progression 200
I have both progression tails and the 3 different fuse sizes

You should be good to go then.


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What is the height from the deck to the water?

Good question Kurtis. 2.5 feet (28 inches). The railing thing on the edge of the dock is right in line with the board with the foil just barely in the water. Actually the board might be an inch or two below the edge of the dock. Thoughts?

My dock at home is what I learned to dock start on. Its basically the height of my mast.
The only way I could do it was to static start.
I feel like its harder to learn this way, but once you get it, you can start from anywhere. Just be prepared to fall a lot im the beginning.


This isn’t exactly the same way, but its close enough for example.

Floating launcher would probably work, just have to avoid stubbing your toe on that railing…search the Facebook dock start group for some design ideas.
My dock start access is largely sea wall, floating launcher works great. Plan to try to learn standing start this summer though.

this link should take you to a facebook video (without having to be a facebook member) that shows a guy build a pvc frame on a boogie board that you can put anywhere and not need a dock.

the specifics of the dock make a huge huge difference in how hard it is.

Ideally very long, relatively low, 1ft, free of obstructions and big overhang to have the foil under the dock. Otherwise it is much harder.

In your case the launcher will be necessary as you can’t do the “run with board” technique

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This is encouraging. Looks like he’s about the same shape and age as me. haha

Just buy a cheap Foildrive plus secondhand. Mount the pod high to keep it clear of the water while pumping.
We have no docks suitable either, using the 1401 I can pump until I’m exhausted and legs burning in flat water.

These seem more elusive than one would expect.

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