F-One Sk8 850 vs Phantom S 940

Hi! Has anybody ridden both foils? Liquid blue in Cabarete said the smaller sk8 outperforms the phantom -s regarding lift, glide and early take offs. Can you confirm this? Or would you say you need the sk8 950 for that?

(I‘m 80kg, winginging, 940 in quiver, thinking about upgrading)

Liquid Blue Review.

I’m 75kgs and would say the takeoff and lift seem about the same. I was out yesterday on the 850 Sk8 with a 4m in 15-25 having a blast, but when the wind dropped to 10-20 I had to wait for a gust to takeoff. I can get going in about 15 on both foils but it takes some work.
The Sk8’s definitely have more glide than the Phantom S, which feels like better projection coming out of turns.

+1 for a 90kg rider.
Overall I liked the SK850 better but in messy conditions the 940 felt smoother.