Fanatic Sky Wing 4'-6" for Prone Foiling

I recently bought a 4’-2" Freedom Techno and the box went soft after <5 sessions. Fortunately, my local shop is just going to refund me and deal with it from there. I bought it out of desperation b/c the box on my previous 4’-6" Freedom Fusion failed right before a trip and the Techno was the only board in stock. Actually turned out to be a blessing b/c I was not a fan of the Techno. I really liked the Fusion though (and it lasted almost a year before the box went soft). Similar volume to the Techno but longer, thinner, and a tiny bit narrower.

Now the shop has a 4’-6" Sky Wing in stock that looks like it is a similar shape to the Fusion. I haven’t seen this board discussed here and was wondering if anybody has had any experience prone foiling on one. Before the shop offered a refund, I was considering selling the Techno and replacing it with an Amos Raptor.

Here are the specs: FANATIC SKY WING ᐅ The ultimate Wing Foiling board!

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Amos Raptor +1 can recommend strongly


I really like the looks of it. Looking for something durable and performance oriented and it seems to fit that bill. I think at 90 kg with crappy east coast US surf I’m too big for the Spitfire.