Freedom Foil Boards

Anyone have experience with the newer Freedom Foil prone surf options such as the WCFC FREQUENT FLYER or the TC Pro model? I am looking for insights into how the various models stack up. Hard to view the various options in person. I have seen lots of folks on the Foil the World (FTW) Pro model, Rubix, and the Fusion but not much else.

Thanks in advance!

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I don’t but I’ve asked the same question because many of their prone boards look very similar but there is basically zero info on the differences and why someone may want one over the other. Fusion and FTW Pro seem to be the boards people mostly have of the new models.

I have a fusion because it was in stock at the local shop. Like most lightweight carbon boards it’s a bit delicate but a fantastic step up from the soft railed PU board I had before.

The FTW pro is similar to the fusion without the double barrel concave through the bottom. Not sure about the new boards.

By delicate what do you mean? Scratches easily? Or more major issue?

I have the techno in 4’2. Paddles great and its very durable.

Dings easily but apparently I’m hard on equipment. Overall I love it.

I will second @SdCliffsFoil comment on the new FFB boards feeling good. I also have a 4’2" techno.
Whatever carbon they are using now on the boards feels really solid. I have gone through a number of carbon boards (including previous generation Technos) that all ended up with delam issues from pumping. Went with the Techno because its the only model without inserts for straps and didn’t want the extra weight.

My friends broke 2 boxes out of the 4’8" techno, they sent him a WCFC and he just called me after one session raving about it. I think the dims on the WCFC and the TC are a lot more modern and true performance oriented. Time will tell if he breaks this one too/

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Can anyone that has seen a WCFC and the TC models, comment on how they compare to the FTW model?

I have a 4’8 Techno also (the new generation, the black carbon one with white stripes) and it feels really good to me also. I heard the old generation Freedom boards had issues with their foil boxes becoming mushy and displacing, like they weren’t using high density foam around that area or not enough reinforcements. But my new techno right now is solid and I like a lot.

I’ve seen a number of Freedom boards in shops around various places in the US where a few all kind of had these odd looking markings (aesthetic curing issues of resin) or even weird dents or ding looking things in them, one WingNut I saw in Hood River even was delamed on the bottom being sold as a brand new board. I could actually press down on on bottom and feel it push in and out on the foam, I doubt they will ever sell this specific board. If you look on REAL watersports, you’ll find a lot of their Freedom’s get sold as blems with a discount and you can see what I mean by these markings. So I’ve become skeptical of their manufacturing and quality control. They also have no warranty. I would only buy another Freedom if I could pick it up in a shop and inspect it personally before buying. Though I do really like my current board, and I think all their models look sweet.

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Was considering buying one of the discounted FFBs from REAL. Have you seen these boards in person or referring to online photos? I’m a short drive from REAL so I’ll go check them out.

Im just referring to online pictures, I noticed a lot of the boards REAL sold were considered blems. If you can check in person you’re good to go. I like my Freedom a lot and have considered buying the Fusion many times. I’m sure a vast majority of their boards are totally fine, I’ve just seen more than usual blems than expected when visiting various other shops.

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I have a 4-1” Rubix and the box delaminated. It was fixed by a local shaper and was told the box was installed very poorly. Fortunately he repaired the box and now have it as a backup board. I love the look of the new DW boards they just released but am now skeptical.

What year was the board?

My dad and I each got a 4’4" Rubix last Christmas. I came off a V1 Techno, which I had broken the boxes out of. The new boards have a one piece mast connection of both boxes, which is a lot more solid. We’ve gotten a lot of use out of both boards with no box issues thus far (on bigger HA wings too).

I will say both of us have had issues with the traction foam on the boards. Both started peeling up from normal use and I had chunks eventually tear off. To their credit, FFB sent me some new foam to stick on, and I’m now diligent about super-gluing down the corners when they start to peel but its definitely a weak point.

Fwiw my gong deck pad fall apart completely, tearing and peeling.

I’d prefer if board makers saved themselves the hassle and let us grip our boards, rather than applying crap grips that fall apart and then need constant maintenance and then replacement hassle

(smooth gorilla grip the best so far)

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Lol, my freedom deck pad also started to peel off and they sent me a replacement too. These pads dont seem very strong. I got some contact cement to stick down the corners also and its worked well.


So funny. I’m always trying to glue and tape my freedom traction pad back on my board. Constantly

Same issue with the traction here. I replaced it with a creatures longboard pad and it’s much better.