Flat start supfoil

Hi, I can flat start with a 2400cm2 foil but im now struggling to flat start an 1850 foil. I’m riding RRD foils. I just finished my board(7x20) and while I don’t have the right conditions to try proper downwind I have been practicing flat water starts. Today I tried to flat start the RRD blaze 1850 and couldn’t, which was a bit demoralizing. does it matter? Is there a relation between being able to flat start a wing and being able to downwind with it?

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it is a different skill but sorta the same. when i hear people say its just a party trick i disagree. its like saying swimming a few times a week wont help your paddling. it kinda does. flatwater is more fitness and technique based. i think practicing it will make you paddle fit which helps alot and also helps with confidence. getting up in the bumps is alot more about timing. enjoy the journey brother!


I would say, it is like swimming in a pool and swimming in ocean, not the same deal.

Flat water start with a long super narrow board and a huge foil is probably one of the easiest thing to do. Taking off is easy but staying up for long time is like a strong cardio training (good one !!). It is very good to learn paddling technique, good to get confident and as I said jsut a good training.

Catching bumps, requiere some knowledge (identify the bumps, good timing) and more skills (balancing, ajusting your paddling tecnique, etc…), then you need to learn how to use the energy from the water. With a big foil you need to learn how to fly at low speed. Experience is the key, the more you go out the faster you will learn.