Foil Drive E-Foil Kit

A 30 minute daily sunrise foiling session will be excellent for your physical and mental health.

Please see a full set of pictures here:

Offered for Sale:

Foil Drive Assist Plus Project Cedrus Integrated Mast

See this kit in action. My YouTube video - Foil Drive Magic.

I’m looking to find a new home for this like new beautiful Foil Drive with a rider who wants a Foil Drive set up for efoiling on flat water.

Two ways to buy it.

Have it delivered to your address in the United States.
Pick it up in San Juanico BCS Mexico

Offered for sale is a Foil Drive Assist Plus Project Cedrus Integrated Mast efoil kit.

I am happy to answer your questions.

If you have a suitable foil board and hydrofoil, you can make a very nice efoil by installing this kit.

Only the Foil Drive kit is offered for sale. The foil board and hydrofoil which are required are not included.

This unit has only about 5 hours of use and is like new.

Details about this kit:

70cm long PC mast
efoil motor position (The prop center is approx. 95mm above the top of fuselage.)

200 cm power cable
(Length of cable from battery box gland to baseplate cable exit is 122cm.)

No PC Foil Adapter included. (A PC Axis adapter is available like new for $100 extra)

No battery charger is included.

No battery is included.

The kit will be given to you in the original Foil Drive shipping box.

Why are the battery and charger not included?

The battery has been used a fair amount. It is the best battery I have. I need it. I need the V2 charger to charge this battery.
Shipping is much more expensive with batteries. If you buy a used battery you will probably not know how long it will last. There are advantages for you to start with a new battery and charger. They will both be covered by warranty. If you follow the recommendations and take good care of your new battery, it should last a long time.
The cost of a new FDAP standard large battery and a AP battery charger on 30 June 2023 in US dollars:
Battery: $569.
Battery charger. $137.
Total $706.

I have allowed for the total of $706 you will spend on a new battery and charger in my pricing.

After buying the kit, battery, and charger, you will have spent a total of about $3,446. The price of a brand new FDAP is about $4,500 plus shipping. You can decide if my pricing is low enough.

There are two ways to buy this kit.

The First Way to Buy It.

Receive it shipped to your address in the United States.

I will only ship it to an address in the United States.

The process: The price is $2,990 and Ground UPS or FedEx shipping is included. You will need to pay me securely for a purchase by Venmo or PayPal. This way you can feel more secure.

At eBay my username is Drifterflyer. I have sold many items on eBay. Check out my buyer feedback at eBay.

First get answers to all your questions.

If you want to buy it I will need a deposit of $600 by secure Venmo or PayPal.

I will send you a secure Venmo or PayPal bill for your deposit.

You pay the bill.

Please note: I will keep a list of people who want to buy it, in the order they contacted me. If you are not able to pay me when I am in the US with your package, I will go down the list until I find a buyer who is able to make the purchase.

Within 7 days of your payment, I will be in the United States at a FedEx or UPS shipping center. I will have a video call with you. First I will open the box for you. Next I will seal up the box.

I will send you a bill for the balance due of $2,390.

Now you will need to pay me the balance of $2,390. by secure Venmo or PayPal. Once your payment is complete, I will pay for the shipment and show you the label and the receipt. You will be able to watch all of this happen during the call. You’ll see me turn over your property to the representative. I will send you pictures of the label and receipt.
In a few days you’ll receive your property by delivery which requires signature confirmation.

The Second Way to Buy It

Buyer pick up in San Juanico, BCS, Mexico.
Get answers to all your questions. If you want it, and it is available, I’ll hold it for 24 hours for you. Come to San Juanico. Inspect everything. I have WiFi. If you still want to buy it, pay me with Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal F&F.
Your price is $2,740. I need a net payment of $2,740.

I also have the following for sale:

Please note:
These prices are for buyer pickup at San Juanico, BCS, Mexico. Shipping to a US address is extra.

I have a new Amos Shapes Frequent Flyer 4’8” x 21.25” x 3” x 40L prone foil board for sale. $500.

A Project Cedrus Axis Adapter like new for $100.

Axis Surf Performance SP 860 Carbon Hydrofoil Wing
Very Good Condition
Retail Price: $588 US
Your Price:
$US Electronic $350.

Axis Pump and Glide PNG 1010 Carbon Hydrofoil Wing
Like new
Retail Price: $671. US
Your Price:
$US Electronic $470.