Foildrive package for sale - $1500

For sale: Assist Plus prone mega kit


  • Two Customized Boards:
    1. FFB “WingNut” 4’5"x22.5x3.6"x50L
    2. FFB Brian Finch 4’5"x19.25x2.7x33.5L
  • Foil Drive Assist Plus with external antenna
  • 3 Batteries and charger:
    1. Assist Plus 12.6AH Standard Battery
    2. Assist Plus Airline Travel Battery Bundle (2 smaller batteries, can be used solo or paired with the connector)
    3. Battery Discharger
  • Remote & Remote charger
  • 3 Blade prop

I set this up just before the Gen 2 release because I wanted to prone small boards without the box on top of the board. I modified the boards and the antenna accordingly.

Here are some details to note:

  • The antenna has been relocated outside the box to resolve connection issues on the “sinker boards.” It runs up the rail and ends near the nose.
  • Starting up: Hold the antenna in your mouth (yes, really), control the throttle with your tongue, and paddle 3-4 strokes. Pop up, transfer remote to hand, and you’re good to go. You can enjoy about an hour of foiling with the big battery or about 35 minutes with the combined travel batteries (your skill and conditions will determine your actual time with batteries). This setup requires some proficiency in prone foiling, not suitable for beginners.
  • You can still use this setup with a regular big DW board.
  • The boards are reinforced for strength and zero flex. Everything is reglassed with West system and biaxial glass, making it rock solid.

This kit is not for beginners. However, if you want to FD prone foil and don’t want to shell out Gen 2 money, this could be perfect for you.

It works perfectly and is an absolute blast.

Price: $2500, pickup only in South Jersey.

More pics:


Price reduction $1900. Gonna try and move this over the weekend.

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Still Avail - price drop to $1500 (firm)

*Forgot to note:
It’s now a 2 blade prop. Not as much torque, but it will give better battery life.

Hey i have a couple questions for you if you had a few minutes-

For now though, how did you create the holding box in the board? Straight lamination? 3d printed box?
any other way?


Hi Marty, it’s a cutout that’s been re-glassed.

Is this still available?Would you ship to Florida?

Hey ive got an FD plus im selling if that one is gone.