Manta electric foils

Another one in the making…


Surprised this post didn’t get any traction. Launch price is a steal compared to foil drive with very similar feature set. Huge drawback with the crowdsource approach though. Probably means totally unrealistic delivery timeline

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Yeah, it’s not out yet. When it’s out more of us will take note I’m sure.

I wonder if the cable system is adjustable to both efoil and assist mode. All the pictures are showing assist mode, but the wording keeps mentioning efoiling. I would also like to see a video of how the pod attaches to the mast. I have the gen1 foil drive and it’s such a pain to remove the motor and mast adapter because of all the screws. The stoke boost on comparison looks very quick with only two large screws. If the manta is similar and can do both assist and efoil it has a huge leg up on foil drive in my opinion (assuming manta can actually deliver what they promise)

I like the look of it. I have tried the gen2 foil drive briefly. I would have already ordered if the batteries were flight compliant.

This version could be as good with compliant batteries which gives it a huge leg up to me.

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Yes, the flight compliance part is definitely an advantage. One possible disadvantage i see is that the foil mast appears to be mounted at the front of the battery box. I think that might be problem on smaller boards where you would either have the foil too far forward or the battery box sticking out at the back of the board. There is also no slim battery box option like foil drive has

Thats a good catch. In one of the photos its almost like the battery box needs to be reversed front to back.

Though in the short riding videos it appears it will be fine.

You have a motor on your board. I think it will overcome a little drag. :slight_smile: