Foil equipment weight matter?

hi everyone, i am building my first hydrofoil setup out of wood and fiberglass…similar to Clearwater kit that you can get online.So my front wing is plywood core laminated with glassfibre and is 125cm long and 16cm wide.It turned out pretty stiff.My stabiliser is 45 cm also same construction and now i am building mast with integrated fuselage also wood core and glass fibre. I am not concerned of rigidity and shape.I think it should work for wing foiling. But i want to use it for pumping from doskstart.So my question is : does weight of the complete foil matter?I cant really find an easy answer to this question so please tell me what you think.I understand everyone is trying to make lighter components but i wonder does it really matter for just pumping and gliding?

Weight is a factor, but you are going tk find that foil design is much more important.

Answer may vary from subdiscipline to subidisciple…

Maybe for wing foiling it matters the least and prone.dock the most?