Foil Spots - Where to go

I’m generally stoked foiling around others at all levels (sooo much happier than surfing). In the RI where I mostly foil we’re always looking for new prone spots nearby and inviting people to foil with us. We’ve also have a couple DW runs as well. With that said, when I travel it would be great to hook up with other like minded foilers and share the stoke.
Figured we could have a thread per area, location depending on your local vibe.


Awesome topic so many incredible locations around the world,
I can say West OZ is pretty incredible we’re spoilt for waves in the winter and wind cranks in the summer time beers always cold and good crew to share the stoke. :call_me_hand:t3:


I love Rhode Island on the foil. So many epic points. Deep hole outside wedges is one of the best spots ever. Good vibes there too as long as you’re not on the crowded peaks.


These are the public spots that most know and foil at in Rhode Island:
Southerly Swell - >
Deep Hole, eastern most peak at Matunuck is pretty much a designated foil spot maybe a sup or two and lost surfers. Great foil park/ multi peak setup off the east side of a rock shoal.
Mary’s western most spot at Matunck is the beginner break, everyone surfs there and vibe is generally good, just stay on inside until you really know what you’re doing.
The please don’t go is Trestles right in front of cam and dirt parking lot. (unless <5 , which is rare even in worst conditions)
east swell->
Pilgram Ave. Point Judith tends to get crowded with lots of long boarders, you’ll want to stick to chips on inside and pump out rather than competing with long boarders.
Scarborough off season only, good place to go when waves are big and Pilgrams is crowed.