Foil Surf Retreats, Camps etc?

Curious to know if there are any prone foil surf camps or retreats out there that have consistent, high-quality waves for prone foiling. Something that involves coaching. I’m on the West Coast of Canada but am open to travelling.

Where we foil the waves are pretty inconstant, I’d love to go get some reps-and-sets in somewhere else with some guys that have the prone game dialed.

Erik Antonson mentioned camps he was doing or helping out with in the early podcast episodes, and it seems like there is one near Real Watersports on the Easy of the USA (not explained very well). Half-Life on Youtube mentioned it in some of their videos. In general, I haven’t found much. A lot are aimed at winging.

Know of any prone foil surf camps that would be great for progression?

Found this one: Foiling — Watermen’s Retreat (vauge)

And this one: Yoga Foil in Paradise — HALF-LIFE (not marketed towards surf foil progression)

I learned at Real and it was an amazing experience. I am sure they have progression camps too I know James Jenkins was a teacher but not sure if that’s still true. Definitely worth asking though. Super informative and helpful.

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have you checked out namotu island in fiji? when they run foil weeks, its epic.

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James casey runs them in australia every couple months it seems.

Matt Wilkinson and Adam bennets run them as destination trips.

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Foil X / surfari charters run some sweet foil trips in Nicaragua with jet ski assist