FoilDrive Kit for sale. Learn to DW faster

I bought a foil drive in late summer to help speed up my DW learning curve. It’s in new condition and ready to pass on to the next person. It only has about 6-8 uses and is still perfect, with no exceptions. After each use, I followed the maintenance instructions 100% and put it away after a freshwater soak and dry/sprayed (with the recommended spray).

These are not available at a discount ANYWHERE. It was very pricey, but 100% accelerated the learning curve and eased me into the DW sport. There were pros and cons for sure:


  • No matter how you shake it, you get your ass beat down when learning to downwind, especially if you are learning in the ocean. The foil drive speeds up every aspect of that learning curve while giving you more opportunities to go out.
  • Paddle out/in/re-adjust position is super easy – you can cruise control out to your start point and make adjustments without exerting yourself too much.
  • Helps learn bump timing and paddle up “feel”
  • Helps with getting going in less-than-ideal bumps
  • It gives you 100x more opportunities to glide and get going (learn to DW) in the early stages when you can’t paddle up on bumps.


  • The Pod: The pod is annoying when it dips back in the water when ur up on foil. A longer mast helps, for sure.
  • The weight - is not unbearable, but carrying the rig around adds 6-7lbs.

The way I see it, I bought it, learned, and will continue the journey without it.

Please see the screenshots for the specifics of the kit. I opted for the travel battery kit so I could use the lighter setup or choose for more power (longer runs). It also has the 3-blade prop, which is night and day (power-wise) for getting the board up and going.

The pod is for Unifoil Katana, but they make others for about $100 if you have a different mast. Has upgraded 3 blade prop (more boost out of the gate)

It’s a big purchase, so I’m happy to talk/facetime to show the kit. If local (I am in South Jersey), come and take a look in person.

Price reflects approx $660 less than if you buy retail



I do not need 3 blade prop so I can buy new from mackite @ $3499 with free shipping Waiting for the new version to come out soon but would be enticed if the price was right. What is your bottom line?

I apologize, I did not see that you had the travel battery.