Foiling cameras, 360 vs GoPro

GoPro user for a long time… still like it, but they’re not as resistant as they used to.
they don’t like constant very salty water (UAE). I killed 2x hero 11 black mini in the past year, they just stopped working, and a Hero 11 black (my fault, door wasn’t closed).
With that being said, image quality is good enough to film wide (so i can film myself) and then zoom in when editing (to film others).
11 mini was great for the size, but regular hero are not too bad compared to big 360 ones.

newer generation gopros also have magical stabilization… i noticed that when using my old hero 6 as a backup, videos way too unstable to use…

Mathieu Gouriou (@matshape) • Instagram photos and videos if you want to see what videos look like (edited on imovie on my phone, but can be done on computer too :))

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