SOLOSHOT alternatives?

I need all the help I can get, but after miraculously catching my first connection, my SOLOSHOT has not worked for a plethora of issues. And the customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. Are there any other options?

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It’s not the same thing, but I’ve been having reasonable success filming myself using my regular digital camera. By filming at 4k with a wide lens I am able to zoom in on the edit to 1080 and the image stays crisp even though I am zoomed way in.

The caveat is you need a good camera that can shoot 4k continuous with no time limit or overheating or battery issues. I have a Lumix GH5 and it’s been working pretty well but still only films about an hour before it stops for some reason.

I was thinking of buying a Soloshot but after doing this for a few sessions I think it’s a reasonable compromise. I occasionally foil off the screen since it can’t pan, but honestly the field of view is pretty wide and zoom capabilities in post are considerable so I could probably even be using a wider lens.

So first off I want to say that its a bummer that its not working. Because when they do work they are fantastic. I have had 3 since 2020. First one worked great and then bought a back up just in case. Then the 3+ came out and I grabbed that. Please don’t take this the wrong way. But a lot of the issues with them is user error. There is a science to calibration and the number one thing is patience. But don’t get me wrong. Mine does malfunction at times. I have had really good success with their customer service too. They have even sent me a brand new one when I complained about a weird gimbal situation. There are YouTube videos on how to calibrate correctly. I don’t think they were ever really originally designed to be for water activity. I think the original concept was to help coaches with soccer and such. But obviously they do work for water. Though when it’s glassy, sunny, or overcast the lens has a hard time focusing. One thing that I did learn from the solo shot is that it runs on GPS. So if there are a lot of commercial fishing boats or an inlet with a bridge it sometimes has issues. Trust me. I would love to say there is another option out there. But I don’t think there is.

I found this video for ya and hopefully it helps.

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This is spot on.

I have one and it works, as long as you take time to calibrate correctly.

That being said, I never use it anymore. Decided I like foiling better than I like watching myself foil.

To be fair mine was refurbished, maybe that’s why they take about two weeks on average to reply to my emails. Once the gimble broke when I picked it up, then the tag stopped working. Both of those took months to resolve. The tag I just got for a replacement doesn’t get recognized by the camera, and right before I posted I noticed the battery level was lower than it was when I plugged it in. Never was calibration, found that to be straightforward on the 3 which I have.

I don’t relish the idea of studying myself and I’m not on the gram really, just want to see why I can’t pump for shit. Besides the 6.5/5 wetsuit that is.