ON-FOIL Efficiency


Over the last couple of months Ive been able to get my flat water paddle ups & associated on FOIL average time up to 20-25 seconds or so. I gas out predictably … but I am slowly improving. Im having a rad time trying to place the FOIL, once up down the line of the tidal and wind swell. When my FOIL is placed properly… oh man the FOIL hum and float. So fun. I have a bite mount for the GoPro which Ive been using which has given me rad 1st person POV shots but I wanted to try to get more body shots while Im up as I want to learn to be more efficient, gain time on FOIL and punch through the 20 or so second average I have. Yesterday I tried my paddle mount as a way to get more feedback on my pump technique and a cool thing happened. I was shocked at how hard it was to get anywhere close to my average on FOIL time and I thiiiink it was because of the CoG changes. Even shifting the paddle to one hand after the paddle up to get some video I think exposed a bunch of my weaknesses. It may be just core strength or a natural progression step but I do think it’s worth stopping and asking a few questions. This was unexpected but Im convinced it is very good thing! I thought I would ask the crew if you guys have tips for me?

When I watch this I see that I have lots of room for improvement: Stronger back foot pumping, maintaining speed by gliding, I think I could get more in line with the board and FOIL CoG (stronger and straighter) something that Ive felt but now I see in 3D it confirms that Ive been fighting forces which I should be working with. My conditioning is decent but I gas out quick. I have only tidal/micro swells to work with so every ounce of efficiency matters. I would be really grateful for any pointers you guys can give. Feet closer together? Flatter down pump?

Im on the Naish Jet Ha 2140 - 320 Stab with 85cm 30% carbon mast. (I recently picked up the 1800 JetHa front wing) @kook You were def right the 2140 is a challenge at times. The 1800 much like your 1400 id imagine, is quicker, has a lower stall speed and less of a handful. I think once I get more efficient I will look to the 1800 more and more.

Thank you foil frothers!

Looking good. Nice paddle ups. Need to get out there on a busy day with lots of boat traffic maybe. At least it’ll give you more bumps to play in.

preciate that buds:)