Foilparts Cabrinha tail adapter shims

I just got a Foilparts Cabrinha tail adapter. I have a Takuma 178 and KD 13R that I want to try. Does anyone have a model of shims I can 3d print? The tail adapter came with flat shims but they won’t work with the Takuma tail because it’s curved. Or, if no models available, anyone know what angle the tail should be set to?


The curve on the stab is not too bad, I mount it straight on it. 13R works nicely with no shims,178 with 0.5 degree shim back bolt, both on middle fuse length setting. That is for a good compromise drag/pump, can be adjusted to your preference.

About to try the adapter as well. Out of curiosity, has anyone chopped the original Cabrinha HA tail? I feel the original whole set up has too much pitch stability and is hard to rock up and down.

It took me a long time to dial in my foilparts adapter, but I’ve finally figured it out. Caveat - I am using the gen1 alloy version which has more negative angle than the current version. I don’t know exactly how much difference there is between the different generations but maybe someone here knows.

h800, 178 tail, middle tail mount position, Cedrus mast. It’s all relative and board dependent, but I ride my mast pretty far forward and like quite a bit of front foot pressure. I found I needed two degrees of positive shim (adding lift) to get the pressure that I wanted with the h800. I’ve Used a couple of different shims and they all worked fine with the 178. With 2 degrees of shim, the setup is in the same track position as my 1095 setup (which I ride with a KD 13.5 and a 0.5 degree positive shim.

It took me a while to figure out the h800 tuning because the foilparts adapter angle threw me off. I hadn’t used that much shim in any other setup but it works great now.

I haven’t tried using the KD 13.5 with the h800 yet, so I can’t compare that.

KD offers 3D files for shims and I have used those without issue in the past.

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