Shimming KD tail on Lift adapter

Could anyone offer some advice on the best way to shim a KD blunt tail on the foil parts long fuse adapter with Lift 120, with the goal of decreasing stall speed in the pump? Also which shims to use since the shims available on the foil parts website seem to be shaped for leading edge up, and I am expecting to shim leading edge down. Thanks in advance.

Hey! Here is a rough guide for tail angles and how they relate to your feeling of “stability” or “power”

Don’t worry about the actual values, just use them to compare tails.

I’d recommend trying it flat then maybe shim for reduced lift by 0.5 at a time.

Pretty sure the angles are close for the takuma

mister bennets mentioned on an old podcast that he liked 1 degree base plate shim ( bigger side on the back end tail side) and 1 degree leading edge down on the stabilizer. Seems to have a good balance of pitch control and turn ability

Thanks for the feedback guys, lots to take in there! I will try .5 at a time. Regarding the comments from Adam Bennets, yes I have listened to that podcast, and it was part of the inspiration to experiment with tails, although I suspect the base plate shim he mentioned might be specific to the JS board he was riding at the time having tail rocker that he was shimming to correct