Cabrinha H series mk2 tuning tips + aftermarket tail setups on Cabrinha

Hello! would love to hear from other H-mk2 owners on their experience with tuning their rig.

I have the 1050, 84 hollow mast, and v180 tail. At 145 lbs. I was surprised to feel that the nose would dive a little when at high speeds (dropping in on bigger waves winging). I have made myself a shim set and starting playing around. Also have the long fuse which I like for DW and bigger days.

Also, has anyone played around with using other tails on the Cab setup? Bit disappointing that they only have 1 tail at the moment. Looks like the takuma tail would fit? KD Marlin?


Lastly: Has anyone used the h700? Considering it for my step-up wing for bigger days (winging/wingdw)

Hey! I have the same setup but using the KD Marlin 14" on the alu hollow medium fuse.

I primarily use it to wing upwind at Hood River/Hatchery and then downwind using the wing as little as I can manage. I’m 150lbs.

I originally got the FoilParts fuse to bottom mount it but had to do a return and they didn’t have replacement stock unfortunately. The Marlin does work top-mounted but with bigger gaps that I do think I can feel at high speeds. I want to try using some wax/putty to fill in around the tail (if anyone has any good recommendations I’d love to hear).

I also experience infrequent/unpredictable “drops” in height of the foil under those same circumstances. It seems to happen with the entire foil underwater (tip breaching performance is very good for me). I don’t think it’s ever made me crash or lose control but it’s basically the only downside I have for this setup currently.

I’d love if they made a smaller tail as well. The V180 looks great but seems a little big for our weight for surfing.

Cool, thanks for the picture, that was one of my concerns (the gap). When people use wax do they use surfboard wax do you know?

Anyway, had a session yesterday on the v180 tail, tried negative shim for the first time, went with -0.25 deg (custom shims cut from plastic guitar bridge shims) and the difference was crazy considering it was only 0.25deg… Super fast & loose, great for small waves I guess. Will try -0.5, -1, etc. soon.