Friendliest/harshest wing handles for smaller hands and wrist/forearm issues

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Title pretty much covers it…I know using a harness can help (and that a lot of personal preference is involved)…but wondering if there are wing handle types that tend to treat forearms/wrists of people with smaller hands and histories of pain, better or worse…

I have only used squarish soft handles (Takoon Wing V2’s), and find myself straining to try and get leverage on these for added control, which generally is not productive and causes some pain…I know larger diameter is also harder on me too…

I don’t have small or weak hands (and I kind of liked the Takoon v2 handles), but I find the Ozone hard handles are pretty small diameter.

Two things that fatigue my hands or forearms more are (i) bad grip / smoother handles (ozone handles have a nice coating and are fairly grippy) and (ii) loose floppy handles where you have to fight to hold a position other than the balanced position (old F-One handles).

Definitely harness though. I find its the only way to ride with gloves, which really fatigue my hands and forearms.

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also second the ozone hard handles. smaller diameter round (as opposed to oval/square/etc) can be lightly cradled in the second knuckle even when pointing hard upwind. also the wing’s canopy design and associated efficiency plays a big role in fatigue.

interesting (and sensible) point on efficiency and fatigue…my setup for last year was NOT efficient anywhere (me included), and I think part of the burn was from fighting a big draggy setup…

Check out the 03 Or new Cabrinha Wings. The hard handles have a pretty small diameter and a nice cushioned feel. The 2 handle design does give you some great tortional control over the wing, and are great tow points for just about any harness line setup.

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Some surfboard wax on the Takoon v2 handles made a big difference in arm fatigue for me. Think that was a tip from the OR booth in an AWSI video.

Ensis oval shaped boom. Super comfy even with thick gloves and 6 mm wetsuit (our water is still 3 degrees). And slide your hands around a lot, to fine tune the wing’s angle of attack / the power in your wing. And keep your arms extended, avoid riding with bent arms.