Front wing - rear stabilizer "ratio"?

I have the impression that people generally ride much smaller rear stabilizers than manufacturers recommend for the given wing size.
I realize that may have got something to do with trying to please a market that is perhaps at a lower skill level than some of you…
But are there some rule of thumb to follow pro’s con’s etc.

Hey Seabass, welcome to the forum - imo pros/cons of large/small stab are:
Larger stab, a much more forgiving/stable ride at the cost of performance.
Smaller stab, faster turning/more performance but less stable ride.
It really is a personal choice & you will only know what’s right for you through experience.

I find the longer the fuse the smaller the tail you can get away with.


Eric, how much does the longer fuse negate the turning improvements of the smaller stab? Are you also adjusting the AOI for smaller stabs, or keeping it similar to larger stabs?

I have recently started playing with stab sizes, and made a small (~170cm2) stab that is flat and has a very low lift/low drag airfoil. It is amazing and completely changed my setup, but I have not yet started playing with fuse length and shims to further adjust this component.