FS Armstrong foils: 725, 1250, 1325, 1550v1, 1850, 232v2, v200


  • 725 = $550 ($799 retail)
  • 1250 chopped = $400 ($699 retail)
  • 1325 = $650 ($949 retail)
  • 1550 v1 = $400 ($799 retail)
  • 1850 chopped = $500 ($849 retail)


  • 232 v2 = $150 ($249 retail)
  • V200 = $150 ($249 retail)

Each foil comes w/ the appropriate hardware & cover. Any scratchs in paint are superficial, doesn’t affect performance.

Price in USD - Venmo / Zelle / PayPal NOTE… if NOT paying as friend / family… add 2.9% PayPal/Venmo fee please.

Do you still have the 1850? And where are you located?

Hi Michael,

Yeah the 1850 is still available + it comes with a large carry bag for all our gear (mast, fuses, wings). Honestly, the 1850 is my favorite light wind foil hands down. I can get up in 8kts w/ a 6m wing on a 50L

Alos the chop is super clean & needed, it livens up the foil so much, and makes it really playful, especially on the 50cm fuse and V200 - its awesome turns on a dime since & has a super low stall speed.

Shipping would be from Washington State

Later, J

I would mainly be using it for dock starting or super light wind conditions. Have you tried it dock starting?

the 1850 for super light wind it’s awesome - its the best armstong foil for this scenerio

for dock starting… pros and cons. I find the 1850 easy to dock start since its got such a great low end but I do gas out quicker than when I ride the 1325 since its slower. The 1325 is harder to dock start since its stall speed is higher but once you get it, you can go further since its faster. But with practice keeping the mast high, the 1850 can pump a long time.

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Is the 1325 available

Hi yes it is. Text me @ 604-339-5782

Cheers, Jason

Hi yes it is. Text me @ 604-339-5782
Cheers, Jason

its in mint condition, i bought it when i was switching from armstrong. tried it a hand full of times, soooo much glide and pump