SOLD; Armstrong 1550v2 and 925 FS

Selling 3 Armstrong foils as follows:

HS1550v2 which has had 0.7 cm trimmed off each end. Span is 92.4 cm (stock is 93.8). This softens the effects of tip breaches but has no noticeable effect on turning, lift or glide. Area is now about 1540 cm2.

Custom 1150 chopped from a HA1325. I did not chop this foil, but bought it this way. Current span is 94 cm (stock is 116.4), area is calculated to be 1150 cm2 with an aspect ratio of about 7.7. This has been my favorite foil for wake, wing and prone foiling for over a year. I’ve since replaced this with the mid aspect series. This foil turns, glides and pumps really well. Yes, the person who chopped it hit foam, but did a really good job epoxying over it. I’m only selling it because the MA1225 is so good.

HA925 which has had 1.6 cm trimmed off each end. Span is 92.2 cm (stock is 95.4) and area about 910 cm2. No noticeable change in glide or lift, but it does seem to turn better.

All three foils are in good shape with a few minor scratches that do not affect performance. $500 each or all three for $1200. I am currently roaming between Fort Pierce and Jupiter, Florida, and will be headed up the east coast in a few weeks. Would prefer not to ship.

I can’t figure out how to edit anything but the subject line. Anyway, the custom 1150 has been sold. I am now in central New Hampshire, and would be glad to coordinate meeting prospective buyers in New England, preferably for a foil session. Willing to accept $400 each, no lowballs please.