FS: axis ART-Pro 1051 and 1121

$450 each
In fine condition - babied but used a lot - some scratches but nothing serious and certainly not structural. With original axis cover
Includes insured shipping in the US
Paypal (you pay fee) or Venmo

These are amazing wings for surfing, downwind, winging. Once you feel the glide you’ll be totally addicted. I’m 205lbs and the 1121 is an amazing all around wing including efficient and forgiving pumping. The 1051 is much more maneuverable and fast but takes technique to pump well - super low drag so its efficient to pump, just tricky to get right. I’m keeping my 1201 for those really tiny waves and flatwater starts. Ask me anything, I love these wings but am going a different direction.


I Can’t figure out how to send a private message? haha

Would love to check out the 1121!

What direction are you going?

Interested in the 1121. Any chance you could send me a few pix? Thx, Matt

the 1121 is sold locally, 1051 still available

I’m interested in the 1051. I’m on a 930 HPS at the moment. Definitely ART Pro curious, but was planning on getting a spitfire as my next front wing. Anything you would add to sell me on the ART (assuming you still have it)?

I still have the 1051, sold the 1121.
I have the spitfire 900, it turns similar to the 1051 but way more draggy and is happier riding slower. That can be good for waves where you want to stay in the pocket. The 1051 lights up going faster. Really its a stylistic choice combined with what kind of waves you are riding. In terms of efficiency, the spitfire is pretty bad honestly - its more of a forgiving wing rather than an efficient wing. Sorry, can’t compare to the 930 I haven’t tried it.

1051 $400 shipped

I would like to buy your 1051. I’m not sure how to contact you directly.

Do you still have the 1051?

all sold, thanks