FS - Unifoil H2 190, $350

Looking to sell some Uni Gear. All of it is in good to excellent shape, nothing repaired, chopped or modified, comes with covers but no hardware. Buyer pays shipping from northeast US.

Hyper2 190 - $350
Takuma 178 tail - $100
The H2 190 and 178 tail are a really good winging setup and also work for low energy surfing. Needs shimming and has less control, but the setup lot faster and looser than the P140 in my experience.

Progression 140 -$500 ((SOLD))
Progression 125 - $550 ((SOLD))
Hyper2 210 - $350 ((SOLD))
Katana 83 - $550 ((PENDING))
Standard fuse - $100 (one of the threads is slightly finnicky, but works fine as long as you carefully tighten) ((PENDING))
Progression 14.5 tail - $150 ((SOLD))

Pm for pics or questions.

All gear is SOLD

All of the gear is sold except the Hyper2 190. $350 (plus shipping) seems reasonable, but make me an offer before I put it on eBay.

For what its worth, Ive tried all of the Uni Progression and Hyper2 foils and the Hyper2 was my favorite “large” foil of the bunch.

Whatd you switch to?