FS - Unifoil Hyper2 190

Selling my hyper2 190. It is in good condition with some minor scuffs that have been lightly wet sanded. Retail is $900, thinking $700.

Buyer pays shipping from Massachusetts. NOTE - I’m traveling and can’t send until June 22 or so.

I love this wing. It is much more nimble and fast than you would expect from the size. I’m selling because I have too many overlapping options and this one is slightly too fast for my bay run downwind conditions.

PM for photos.

<<PRICE UPDATE - $650 plus shipping>>

Bump - $650

Ive got the H2 170/190/210 now and just don’t need all of that overlap. All this hype on the Progression, but the H2 range is sick and compliments the Progression very well. I think the H2 is generally better for winging, and faster downwind conditions than the Prog. More top end speed but still turns incredibly well. Don’t sleep on it.

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If this was the 170 or 150 I’d consider it :frowning: , need another wing to supplement my Progression 140 and am thinking one of these would be better than getting the Progression 170

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I’ve got the 140 too. If I were on a 2 foil quiver in my conditions it would be the 140 and 190, but I needed more low end and went to three foils (140/h2 170/210).

140/h2 170 or 140/h2 150 would be a pretty powered quiver and your low end would be limited to the 140.

H2 is a much faster and more powered foil vs the progression. Progression rides like a larger foil in terms of stall speed and top end, h2 rides like a smaller foil in terms of stall speed and top end. Both turn very well.

Thanks for the info, I’ll lean to H2 170 in that case then. Seems like it’d be a good 2 wing. Wind for me is usually 20-25 so I think I should be okay with that.

Ive got a 170 you can buy used 3x. Same issue for me re overlap. Ihave the H2 190 and vyper 150, so dont really need the 170. Im in UK but happy to ship and split postage/insurance with you.


I have a hyper2 170 wing+fuse-tail-mast
san diego. can ship too
very lightly used
let me know