Go Foil V2 Mast

Does anybody have feedback about the new design?

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I haven’t ridden it. But friend out here says it’s great. Never tried Gofoil myself. He’s on sup and I’m on prone so never changed in the water.


And a faster profile.

This in theory would explain why brands with forward mast would prefer a shorter fuse and smaller tail for pumping, presumably to minimize the stab swinging up and down. Just a guess.

Supposed to be faster smoother turns, which I suspect because you can push harder to tighten the turn& accelerate in the second half of the turn, without the tail washing out, more like an F1 turn (snowboard hardboot carving turn, carving top turn) vs Rally car/Drifters turns (most snowboarder turns, splashy top turns) where you yaw the tail to shorten the turn radius

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