Gofoil v2 and tuning limits

Hi! Looking for some expert advice on a very specific tuning scenario. Maybe @KDW can help?

Im building up a gofoil setup for bigger waves prone and for winging. Im planning on running the 850 or 1000 with a long pedestal tail and a KD 12 R, maybe a marlin down the line. Id like to run the new v2 mast but I’m not sure it will work for how I like to run my foils and I don’t want to make a $900 mistake when I could just get a cheaper v1.5 mast.

My issue is in the rest of my setups I run very forward mast placement, I like having the pivot point in a reliable place and it’s always the beginning of my tune. With the older GF masts I know I could shim an appropriate amount (1 def or so) to get it working where I want it, but the new mast is 2 in farther back(in relation to the fuse so it’s neutral position would be farther back in the boxes) so I suspect it would take some pretty dramatic shim to get it where I want it.

I know normally moving a rig forward and shimming for less lift is good for me, it turns the way I like and becomes more efficient. Are there limits to this though? Are there going to be unforeseen consequences to such a dramatic tune?

Also, worth noting, I don’t actually use shims to achieve dramatic angle changes, i might shim in the tuning stage to find what angle works but eventually everything gets cut into the pedestal on a mill.