Gofoil on Armstrong DW board. Does it work well?

Considering an Armstrong DW board because it’s what’s in stock locally. I’m all Gofoil. How well does the combo work, I know Armie boards have the extra long boxes but does it balance properly with Gofoil?

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I’d love to hear from someone who’d tried Gofoil on a new Armie DW board.
We always hear how Armstrong foils don’t match boards with shorter further back tracks but rarely the reverse and it’s easy to just presume it also won’t work.

With Oskar Johansons’s feedback (he used the proto with Axis) I bit the bullet and bought the 7’2, 20 1/4 107L, which is the only board available locally.
Got to try it yesterday first time flat water.
Wind picked up in the afternoon and tried various combo on it with my Gofoil (V1.5 mast)
I used the KDM foil balancing technique which set the mast at position 3 or 3.5 at the back.
In gusts 17-18 knots, the local usual riders were on 5&6m wings, I was able to ride 2.5m with GT2200 and 3.5m with RS850. It did take the Jeremy Rigg style board pumping to get flying, in addition to the board natural glide. It was perfectly balanced.



Did you had to walk back and forth from where you have your feet to make the board plane and from where you are pumping and foiling?

No, the winging yesterday was too adjust the mast position so I don’t have to move my feet.
I could move the mast back maybe 0.5-1cm potentially for slightly better balance.
I think around the 3 mark on the Armstrong box is likely where I’ll end up using.
I was watching Oskar latest video on the production 6’8 model to see where he has his feet to set mine in almost the same position.

Great looking setup JohnVu. I Will be interested to know how the Go-Armie-Foil combo works for you. Have you put the new board on the scales yet? What does it weigh in at?

7’2 6.5kg/13.8lbs
It is light

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So I committed and went for the Armstrong 7’2. First session today in crumbly junk waves with Gofoil 2200. Foil at back of box and it was fine. Stoked!!
Balance felt good. No feet moving from paddling to foiling.

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