Gofoil gt2200 + v1.5 mast + ftl 20 - 950$

All are in good condition. A few scratches on the wing, but otherwise great shape. Has been my gear for learning to downwind and flat water paddle up. Txt (805) 751-6160 for more info or pics.

Mast is the 70mm.

I imagine this is sold since the post is from awhile back? I have been thinking this would be a great wing for learning winging and learning downwind SUP. What conditions were you using this in and area did you ride it? I am in Northern CA and have a local lake to learn winging on with lighter to moderate winds.

Hey Brian,

It did sell. In fact I sold it to switch over to axis. I don’t think there is an easier foil to learn on than the axis png 1300 + standard fuse + 475 progressive tail. Much more glide than the gofoil and comes out of the water so easily.

If you can’t switch to axis, the gofoil 2200 isn’t bad at all, particularly if you are going to be winging… But for pure downwinding ( SUP ) I’d recommend the axis stuff.


Thanks for the great feedback!

What mast do you like with the axis set up you described above? This does look like a great set up!

Hey Brian the regular power carbon mast works great. PC750. If you have the cash the high modulus would be nice but not required.