GWA Race Foils - Light Wind

As I get more into pushing the speed envelope when winging, I’m wondering what kind of gear the top racers in the GWA are riding in different sets of conditions.

Anybody have an idea of what a “light wind” setup might look like for these guys?

Guessing they don’t go much bigger than 600 cm sq. It’d be cool to know where the current limits are.

My assumption at the sorts of front wings these guys are on

I think they will probably be taking foils from the kite racing scene - Levitaz, Chubanga, Mikes lab. I’m sure these are on another level to the general purpose foils as they’ve had years of intense focus?

This looks like one of those, Chubanga?

Alan fedit and axel on the afs foils ride a factory manufactured foils the pure 560 in windy conditions and go up as wind goes down (700 maybe 900 if super light). I don’t know first hand but I’ve been told most others are riding custom/prototype foils.
The 560 is a one piece foil, fuselage and stabilizer, with its own specific mast.