GWA Race Foils - Light Wind

As I get more into pushing the speed envelope when winging, I’m wondering what kind of gear the top racers in the GWA are riding in different sets of conditions.

Anybody have an idea of what a “light wind” setup might look like for these guys?

Guessing they don’t go much bigger than 600 cm sq. It’d be cool to know where the current limits are.

My assumption at the sorts of front wings these guys are on

I think they will probably be taking foils from the kite racing scene - Levitaz, Chubanga, Mikes lab. I’m sure these are on another level to the general purpose foils as they’ve had years of intense focus?

This looks like one of those, Chubanga?

Alan fedit and axel on the afs foils ride a factory manufactured foils the pure 560 in windy conditions and go up as wind goes down (700 maybe 900 if super light). I don’t know first hand but I’ve been told most others are riding custom/prototype foils.
The 560 is a one piece foil, fuselage and stabilizer, with its own specific mast.

I know its not GWA, but in the UK the most popular foil is the Mikes Lab. However, people who are competitive also ride AFS Pure Race 560, Levitas and Chubanga. Things to look for is thickness of mast, longer mast >90 and very importantly a stiff mast. I tried racing with Unifoil Vyper 90 and it is not a good option (great in waves but not designed for racing). I have seen others trying to race on standard foils like Axis, Armstrong - they have a lot of fun but are certainly less competitive. The AFS Pure 560 has an ultra high modulus mast - the stiffest I have tried. Having a single mono block plane also means less drag. The AFS is a great option at a good price, if you can get hold of one!! I am not that good, so probably best to go to a race and ask some top riders who aren’t sponsored.

Most lighter riders <65kg use the 500-600 foil for all conditions. Heavier riders often have a light wind 700-800 foil.

What is the race scene like in the UK @Andy ? Semi interested in coming and having a race as I’ve done some sailing inshore etc but zero interest in getting a race specific rig.

I wonder if there is room for a ‘non-olympic’ category that limits people to recreational foils :joy: Prefer slower more tactical racing anyway.

There were about 30 people taking part in the slalom series and 27 people competing in the course racing. The number of people who turn up goes up and down depending on the wind forecast. There are effectively two lots of competitors, people like me on slower production kit and faster and more capable riders on mikes lab or AFS. For me it has lifted my all around wingfoil ability immensely and is a lot of fun camping in great locations right by the beach. I think this coming season is going to be big with lots of people taking part at all levels. I go with my 16 year old daughter and we both absolutely love it. Some riders haven’t learnt to tack yet and do really well.
Come along and join the community! Hope to see you in March.

Cool thanks, sounds good. Must be honest Weymouth + Wind will mean I’ll probably be doing the downwind runs there! Could maybe do both on a good weekend in the Spring.

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Woah, that AFS 560 looks sick.

The 560 is an amazing foil. The person who designed it is from international moth foil design so not surprising it goes so fast. At Weymouth Speed Week 2023 it went 30.88 knots average over 500m. It won all the classes - mens overall, womens overall and mens amateur overall. I have had a go on one and it stays very stable as it accelerates and it keeps accelerating…