Wingfoil racing foils?

There is not a great deal of information on the internet about what kit to buy for racing - perhaps because everyone wants to keep their competitive edge? However, I thought it would be useful to share information to make it easier to take part.

In the UK (on the course and slalom racing circuit), lighter riders are using the AFS Pure 560 or Mike’s Lab 540 as their only foil. Heavier riders (>70kg), in winds greater than 15 knots also use the AFS Pure 560 and Mike’s Lab 540. However, when the wind increases above 15 knots they switch to a Mike’s Lab 700 or 800 - especially when course racing.

In other countries what foils are being used?

Are there alternatives to these two great foils which remain competitive?

Most people don’t want to race all the time and want to use the ultra stiff mast in the waves. AFS Silk surf foils are compatible with the AFS Pure 560 mast. Are there any other brands where you can use a single mast to be competitive in racing as well as having a great surf wing?


I think lots of folks are riding Chubanga in the GWA events. There was talk about a foil geared towards winging but the website just says “coming soon”.

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Chubanga now has a version 2 foil in 2 sizes for wingfoil racing so yes, their website doesn’t show the version 2 foil let alone the version 1.

I know Oscar Leclaire is using Volofoils, but doesn’t seem likly they are production wings as the smallest they show on their site is 800cm…

Andy, assuming you meant heavier riders switch to larger foils in lighter winds?

Have to agree, it seems like manufacturers are hiding their racing foils :thinking:
Assuming this is because the market is so small and/or they change the design every month…