Help with flat water pop up pumping

I’m wondering if someone could give me some tips or advice. I’ve pretty much got down the flat water pop up, I’m able to get up pretty much every attempt. Where I’m struggling is the distance I can go once I’m up. I know I need to transition into more of a pump once I’m up and going, but I get exhausted quickly and feel like I can’t maintain my speed. I know I’m not pumping efficiently and I’ve found once I’m up if I move my back foot forward an inch or two that helps a ton, but I still feel like I’m too back foot heavy.

I’m using a 60cm mast (24") and the Naish Jet 2000 (low aspect). I’ve also paddled up my Naish Jet HA 1800 a couple times, but the 2000 is much easier to pop up.

Do I need to be using more of a high aspect wing to go further?

Here is a video of me doing a pop up.


Nailing the paddle up! Now to learn the second part.


Work on moving your front foot backwards once you are up as your front foot is pretty far forward making the pump relatively inefficient, and generally useful to move your feet once on foil to get the right balance. You could also move the mast further forward so that your natural paddle position is closer to an efficient pump position but this makes the paddle harder.

Another option is to stand further back and paddle leaning further forward. Zane does this and it looks cool, I try do something similar in the surf but haven’t tried it flat water

(this is in addition to everything in the pump video above!)


there’s always a compromise - so yes, if you want better pumping and go farther, then a bigger higher aspect (over 8.5AR) with pumping design as a market target can be a better option.
The Lower Aspect big foil is showing you the way to get up on foil, but once you’re on foil, try releasing the pressure of the front foot, and move it back so you let the foil “breathe” and gather a bit more speed, also try releasing pressure on the back foot with a little jump/release from your heel. pretty sure with those movement improvements you’ll be able to reach more distance with that LA Naish Foil :+1:t4:


Thank you for the tips! I will work on getting that front foot moved back and try to get the rhythm right.