Hood River Forecasting / Conditions

Ive been hearing HR has been dead recently. Can someone provide any info on forecasting and whether any changes are on the horizon? Even on days that its windy, I see very low readings - so I must be looking at the wrong sensors. Any specific sensors that I should be looking at?

Heading there to wing in 2 weeks, so its very early, but I want to understand how the forecasting works in advance. Praying for some wind (and swell)…

There is another thread talking about the different spots, but not a lot of forecasting info in there.


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Ikitesurf premium is what you need for the best sensors here. The ik-TRRM and ik-HRRR predictive models come with it.

There are other, free, forecasts, but for sensors this is the only real time accurate option that I know of.

If you know the gorge already, have fun! If not, hit me up and I’ll point you towards some windy spots when you get here!

I have been there but not for years, and I was kiting at the time. I will definitely take you up on that! Thank you.

I have ikitesurf premium. Which sensors do you look at?

I have pretty much every one of the premium sensors in the gorge saved to my favorites.

For example, right now at 7:19am it’s blowing 15-24 knots and averaging 20 knots at Swell City - Hatchery. Is that what you are seeing?

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All the gold sensors:

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This has been a real point of confusion for me, as I look at windfinder and windy (red one, premium added recently) and will see single digit readings on the app when I can see whitecaps and decent swell on the water.

Anyone have an explanation for that, and why the premium ikitesurf might be better?

I believe ikitesurf actually owns and maintains many of the sensors in the gorge and they do not allow other companies to access them.

exactly the source of my confusion. I generally see these discrepancies at spots with a big thermal element. La Ventana is another one where its really hard to get a decent forecast or reading (MasViento is the only good forecast).

We did just have a bit of a heat wave for five days but Stevenson to HR came through with what we call “light wind”, 3.5 - 4.5 conditions (for big boards) every day in the afternoons. At least four days on tap of “normal” west winds starting today.

You won’t do better than the Ikitesurf 7:30am forecast. For $14.99 a month it’ll save you that much in transportation costs the first day.

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Amazing forecasts, I’ve found them to be the most useful for daily and extended. Donate $20 per year and get them in your inbox by 7am.
They account for all the thermal/terrain elements, quirks with each spot along the corridor etc.


Temira is the best. Accurate local forecasting. I read her email every morning in the summer time.


Temira, gorge is my gym, does have the best forecast, but forecasts are never perfect and she does not have real time sensors for people to check.

My premium subscription to SailFlow has HR Event Site, Stevenson, and Maryhill\Rufus. That’s about all I need :grin:

Sailflow and IKitesurf are the same


Is iwindsurf and ikitesurf the same as well? thx

I think so.

All the same company/subscription, yes.
One other thing is that the gorge sensors are all on the shore with side shore wind, so most report lower than the water wind. The gusts on the corridor sensors are more similar to average on the river. For example I was very well powered on a 4m wing with small board and foil at the hatch when the sensor reported only 12-15-20knts last Saturday (felt like solid 30knt gusts) Other places that kind of reading would be just enough to get going with my much bigger foil.

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