How far forward? Is there a limit?

Riding 4’6 x 20” prone board with Axis ART foils and 75cm mast … strapless… connecting 9’s and 10’s on a good day, 3’s and 4’s most days…

I’m slowly creeping the mast further forward in the boxes to reduce swing weight etc … is there a point where the mast is too far forward … ? I have ~ 30mm left in front! Back of mast plate is ~ 205mm from tail … ultrashort not advance fuse

Any thoughts ?! Thanks… Rob

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I guess when you can no longer takeoff? Only reason I ever feel like it’s certainly too far forward, otherwise generally happy nudging it closer to front of box

Seems like the box are placed reallly at the back.

Thanks for the feedback !

I asked because I kept feeling like my set-up was tail heavy in the glide / kept stalling out…

And then this morning, as if on cue, Mike Pedigo dropped his balance point reel on the gram :slight_smile:

Mike Pedigo shared a post on Instagram: "My thoughts on swing weight and design. Obviously this changes a bit depending on the foil you are riding, how it’s tuned, and its positioning in the boxes. On this particular model, the front wing of the foil...

So I checked my rig out and sure enough, it hung nose up, like the foil was too far forward…

Moved it back to the balance point (about 20mm) and took it for a spin … night and day … could pump and glide for miles …

So I guess I answered my own question :woman_facepalming: Thanks Mike if you’re reading … except now I have room for an advance fuse for more tinkering !



All this thread seems to make sense, but goes against @Erik theory about shoving it forward and reducing the tail angle that he talked about on the tuning podcast. Or does the shoving it forward, put it in this magic balance point?

On prone boards it’s going to be more about personal feel and less about magic balancing up.

To far forward is definitely a thing. Same as moving a fin in a longboard. More yaw less drive.

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