How to hit whitewater

Any tips on how to start hitting foam. The only thing I figured out is that if the whitewater hits your board as you’re going perpendicular, it kills the speed and tacos your board. Does that mean I have to approach the foam head on? Let’s say I do that, do I initiate the turn when I’m in the whitewater or right before I hit it at a head on angle. Do I want speed when I hit the foam head on? Is it better to hit a steep face that is about to crumble and end up re rentry in the whitewater? Or better to hit already formed foam? Any advices on how to prevent taco while practicing hitting foam?


What foil are you using. Some foils are 100 times better at hitting white water.

Make sure to click through to all 4 parts of that James Casey video above. In video 4 he explains what foils to ride. It also shows what his weekly coaching calls are about. He coaches more than just DW. Next time you want to buy a new tail wing, consider signing up for Coach Casey for 3 months instead. Best foil content on the internet week after week. If you have footage for him to coach it’s a no brainer.

Yeah I saw that. Looking for more. On the spitty 780.