Jacksonville Beach, FL

Jax Beach is an epic foil spot with an insane community. I live here, and foil with Brian Finch, Austin Tovey, Rob Cahrn, DaveABBQ, and Pedigo lives down the coast in St. Aug. We’re super foil friendly with only a few spots to avoid.

14-15th South. This is where we mostly foil. Good mid/low tide bars with small swell that will work at high tide when its chest to head high. Always a few guys out. Very small surf crowd and not aggressive.

DO NOT FOIL THE PIER. Super agro surf crowd fighting for scraps. Also beware that the pier just opened for fishing so shooting the pier is over. On runners we go around.

Good downwind and winging anywhere on the beach.

Any bar can be fun on the right tide and theres miles of beach. Just find one away from folks and send it. Doesn’t really matter for foiling.


Super fun here in Jax! Even when the sand bars are junk! Tide dependent on swell size but on a decent day you can really spread out and have a few peaks to yourself and your crew, until Erik rides every wave in the set😂.