Proning Spots in Central Florida

Anyone have any recommendations for good places to prone foil in / near Cocoa Beach? I have tried New Smyrna but want to check out Cocoa.

Lori Wilson has been working well lately from mid through high tide. Pretty flat currently though.


@321-foiler 's recommendation of Lori Wilson is a good one. One of the few beach parks in Cocoa Beach with free parking. The whole stretch of beach in front of and to either side of the park has decent sandbars right now but can sometimes be a little too shallow at dead low tide, so keep that in mind when planning your session.

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South side of Sebastian inlet had good sandbars when I was there in November, as well as last Feb/March. Lots of other places seemed to have had the sandbars wiped out.

I’m doing a day trip to the east coast from the gulf side tomorrow and looking at Ft Pierce or Jupiter area. Can anyone recommend one over the other for prone foiling in tomorrow’s 1-3ft? Thanks!

Brevard has lots of seaweed at the moment. Might even be worse south…

Jupiter has good sandbars and a friendly local crew. The area around beach access 53 is usually good.

Seaweed is a concern as dillionaire mentioned. Check the cam at Jupiter Inlet Webcam

Moderate amount of scattered sargassum, tough for prone but easy to dodge on a wing. I’ll be winging Tiger Shores at 5pm if you are interested, should be light but fun swell

Thanks for the info guys. I ended up prone foil surfing at Ft Pierce, just north of the jetty. Was pretty good. Some seaweed floating around, but not too bad. The morning has cleaner waves with the swell direction being straight east, but by lunchtime it shifted more NE, which made it choppy but still (foilable) rideable at 1-2ft. I’ll definitely be going back there.