KD Boomerang, Amundson 12.5 Tail Wings

Aloha, selling 2 custom tails wings, used on my Lift setup

KD Boomerang
Amundson 12.5

Both really good tails, the boomerang is very unique, lowers the stall speed and increases glide tremendously. Have been able to downsize the front foil when using this. Amundson 12.5 is also a great tail wing that increases glide and lowers the stall speed compared to the stock 25 glide, but is faster on the top end compared to the 32 glide. Has small winglets that lock you in at higher speeds and when pushing turns. Have had some of my best prone down winders on this tail wing.

Asking 200 ea. shipped in the US

Hi Roy, are you selling the adapters as well?

Aloha, the long fuse is sold and the short one may be available soon- a friend is borrowing it at the moment

Hey Roy, what front wing did you use the boomerang on? and did you run it on the short or long adapter? thanks! I just ordered a long adapter before i saw this.

i’ve used the V tail on both the 90 and 120HA

short adapter for proning both, long adapter for SUP surf / downwind

i’ve seen some guys use the long adapter for prone though, personal preference.

I prefer the shorter fuse and shorter turn radius when proning.