Anyone using a KD Boomerang tail?

I just picked up a KD boomerang tail on a lark. Its quite a funky little piece of kit. So far I’ve used it with my Takuma 1440 and Vyper 170. On the 1440 it made it a fun small wave machine since the 1440 already rolls well for its size the smaller span of the boomerang made it turn a little tighter with losing any pump. It did feel like the 1440 was more likely to nose dive at speed. I haven’t figured out the Vyper 170 yet. There felt like there was too much pitch instability with the unifoil 1.0 shim in. I should have tried it unshimmed first.
Has anybody found a foil that this tail was just magic on or has it been more of a novelity / corner case tail for you?

I got one too but haven’t gotten around to using it. I was wondering if it might loosen the Axis 1150 during the first stage of dw. So I made a shim for that fuse.