KD tails on Uni fuse

Is anyone using KD tails on the unifoil fuse?
I am transitioning from Lift to Unifoil Progression. I already have a KD Blunt and KD Boomerang, and wondering if I can keep the cost of the new rig down by using existing tails for now. Do the KD tails work with the unifoil shims? Thanks

For sure. And they’re epic on the progression foils. The blunt has a lot of lift so I negative shim it to speed it up. I haven’t tried the boomerang.

Great! That’s good news.
Thanks Eric

I’ve been enjoying the 14 Marlin with the Progression 140. Currently trying -0.5 shim.

Is that a standard Uni shim?

Do you find the Marlin reduces the lift? I got that sense - but I’m still a beginner so I’m not sure if I was just having a bad day. Maybe I’ll try a Blunt sometime…

remember you can download and 3D print the shims from thingiverse

Me too, keen to try negative shimming. Mostly been 0 on the 14 Marlin with the 140. Epic tail to go fast! I prefer slower tails for chunkier conditions though, would love to try some of the other KD tails.

The marlin makes the setup harder to ride than the stock progression tails. It makes it faster, more sensitive and skatier which are all great but not ideal for a beginner. I’d suggest just using the Shunt.

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These are the Unifoil shims printed from Thingaverse. I shaped them (crudely) to fit the KD tail.

Anyone out there with feedback on the KD Maui DW Race tail used with the Progressions? Thanks.

I have the marlin 14" on the progression 170 medium fuse (slapped straight on the fuse no shim) and it has a nice glide and improves pitch stability over the 13" shiv ( 0 shim ) that I normally use. stiffer on the roll axis with the extra inch of span

Chopped to 13.5 it works but is slower and not as pitch controlled as a 13" shiv. Remember though its a solid carbon flat tail so hidden within it is the best tail ever… just need to experiment with grinder :rofl: I had a couple, one of which is unrecognisable 12.5" with a new outline. Goes really well