Kd marlin on omen operator

Anyone use the kd marlin tail with the omen operator foils? What shims do you use?

Not a marlin but I have tried narrow chord flat tails. Less drag. Lose some of the magic turning. If it’s small and I’m only pumping it’s nice. Overall I like the matched tail though.

Did use the 14 Marlin with the 850 and liked it but went back to the smaller stock tail and liked it better overall. You have to take two shims and oppose them to get enough clearance for mounting a Marlin, the LE hits the fuse. Can’t remember though if they equaled out to 0 but it’s probably best to start there :thinking:

the marlin race (higher aspect) clears the fuse and works really well with that foil

Good to know. Are you running it flat or with shims?

More info please Roy :smiley:
Have you also used a Marlin 14 or 13 (regardless of front foil)? How is the stall speed and turning compared to the former? I’ve only used the 14 but am considering the 13 or the race instead of the new 21 flow from Lift. I use the 14 or the 20 carve w/ extension but find the latter fuse too short for my use (poor pump authority and who needs to turn that tight from 20+)

Thanks in advance :call_me_hand:

it works well flat, currently running a .5 shim for more lift but may dial it back to .25

I’ve used the 13R, has better low end but significantly slower top end than the race. The marlin race turns surprisingly good. I’ve used the 21 flow as well, its fast and locked in due to the winglets but I feel there is efficiency loss with the winglet design- it doesn’t pump as good as the marlin race.

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Thanks Roy, great info. I may pick up a Marlin race in the spring :call_me_hand: