Kujira 980, T Bar Mast, KD 12R tail $900 shipped

PRICE REDUCTION - $900 shipped or best reasonable offer takes it. For reference see Kane ripping on the 989 Kane de Wilde on Instagram: “Maui magic :magic_wand: It’s been a while since I got some good prone footage! Takuma 980 NL 780 KD 14” Marlin 2° baseplate shim, nose up.”

Fantastic setup, stiff, light, excellent.

Modifications -
The wing fuse connection was loose so i did a molded epoxy fix. Now its tight as can be.(i think this is the real issue with the t Bar mast)

Stab bolt threads were on their last legs so i drilled and tapped through the fuse(solid carbon back there) for better bolt holding. Much more thread engaged for piece of mind.

Baseplate modified to M8 for stiffness and compatibility. Currently using g10 washers for stiffness and strength but could easily be countersunk.

Why i’m selling - this is an excellent bigger wave prone setup to pair with my 1210 but i also like boosting to the moon winging and at my weight i just don’t have the confidence to do that with this mast.

Hey–is this still available? Just snapped my Takuma alu fuse. I’m over aluminum…BUT I need a strong setup, as I ride both large and small front wings…How much abuse has the mast/fuse been through? Thanks!

Mast/fuse seems like it’s in great shape. I bought it 2nd hand so I can’t speak for its past. Definately a step above the Takuma aluminum.

Price reduction. $900