Lift 180 / 220 for DW

Has anyone had a chance to ride these that could compare them with similarly sized front foils of other brands for DW? Thinking through the local conditions for bay runs here and wondering how well they do performance wise in smaller chop that would ordinarily call for a bigger wing like the Axis 1201, at least at my level.

Yes, I tried the 180 a few days ago in super small bay run bumps. This wing is unreal. The glide is amazing – super efficient and fast. I paired it with the 21 Flow. After years with Takuma I and II, I’ve moved on to Lift. The Takuma 1400 was my go-to wing for light days, but now I’ll use the 180. And the 150 for better conditions. These wings have so much glide. Also, the 180 turns very well in the surf, especially when paired with the 26 carve. It works like a dream. I’m super happy with these wings.

I have tried the Axis 1201, but I found it too big and hard to turn.


I SUPed the 180 / 20 carve + ext in waves that were a bit too big for a foil that size. Can confirm it has great speed and is very efficient. I expect its gonna be great for DW runs

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Has anyone tried the 220 HA for downwinding?