Lift 170HA to 120HA, SUP downwind

Just wondering how much harder the 120HA is to get up on foil compared to the HA170.? I got 170 pretty dailed, and can get it up in about knee to waist high bumps. Super eager/ nervous to give the 120HA a go, in some bigger conditions. I’m thinking I’ll put the stock 32 glide tail. I also have the glide 25 and carve 26. Tips thoughts opinions would be appreciated!!! :grinning:

+1, curious about best lift tail for getting up on foil (winging or DW)

I have both and I’m about 170lbs

I think the 120 HA is easier to surf in most conditions because take off is a bit higher speed. You should definitely give it a try. 170 ha is slower and easier to pump for me.

Winging I use mostly the 120ha now, it’s faster and more fun to turn. I use the 170ha in marginal conditions. For me the difference in wind needed to get on foil is really small.

I only have the 25 glide tail and like it. I need to try some others.

Thinking of tryin mg to sell the 170ha for the new 150.

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Are you talking for winging or downwinding? I’m wondering for downwinding…

Sorry, yeah I was thinking prone surf and winging. I don’t have enough experience for paddle up downwind yet to comment.

I have a mate who uses both 170 and 120 for DWSUPF. He’s about 90kg and was using 6’9’’ aviator DW elite and found the 120 pretty cut throat to get up but loved it once flying. He is quite good and still enjoys the 170 for light days. He now has a DC ~7’6x2 and finds it much easier to get the 120 up, still requires effort and a good bump. Take all this with a pinch of salt as it is not my experience I’m talking about.

Give it a crack in some nice bumps, be patient don’t forget those few extra stokes to make sure the foil is engaged. Maybe try a shorter run so you don’t have a huge paddle if it doesn’t go to plan, we have all done enough of those :joy:

Thanks for the advice Vincent! Kind of riding solo around here, so appreciate it. That’s what I was thinking wait for a good day and do a small one. If a 95 kg can make it happen, I should be all right. Got that 170 working the smallest of stuff.

Just listened to the latest prog podcast and Zane had lots of good advice on downwind setup with the lift gear, may be worth a listen…

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What’s the podcast name/episode?


Apologies, should have stated it, “The progression podcast by Erik Antonson” episode 111 with Zane Westwood, the latest one.

If you aren’t familiar with this podcast, you just happened on this community and you like foiling, prepare yourself to invest some time :sweat_smile:


It’s a pretty good one, the ~80 steady heart rate blows my mind a bit

Will check it out, thanks for sharing!