Lift M2 mast 32" - brand new untouched

**** UPDATE - Decided to keep it, it’s AMAZING! ***

Lift 32" M2 mast for sale - BNIB
Can ship from UK, Europe and USA
Hit me up privately if interested. 1250$


Out of curiosity, why the change of heart?

Foilmath, basically.

I switched to AFS a year ago but kept some lift favourites. I checked my X2 mast for recent use, and it had cracks around the mast head. Lift kindly agreed to replace it (props to lift), but i had already decided that i’d get a nolimitz V2 to use with my lift gear, as the X2 wasn’t doing justice to the HA120. After I’d already ordered and paid for the NLV2, Lift kindly suprised me with an upgrade to M2…
I thought i’d sell the M2, but didn’t quite get the 1250$ bid needed to part with it (got very close). Ultimately couldn’t wait to try it, took it out with the HA120 and loved it. I’m now holding the M2 and a takuma NLv2 (which i can use with any brand).

The M2 is a good enough reason to keep using lift whenever the conditions suit, and perhaps try further releases down the line. It’s really good.

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I have a couple M2s and really like them. Sounds like you prefer it to NL?

i’ve just picked up the NL in london - will try it next week and compare

Cool! I’m curious - not much info out there