Lift mast and fuse stiffness especially vs Axis HM

Hi all,
Anyone got any actual data on mast stiffness and also mast and fuse as the connection system makes a massive difference.
Be great to compare say Lift latest / Axis HM / Unifoil latest / Code
I’m particularly interested in vs Axis HM which I’m on but also vs anything to get some bench marks. I’ve ridden a lot of gear and brands including considerable time on Armstrong and Go foil.
If no data then say back to back testing / riding and real world experience.
Thanks all.

It’s definitely nice to have a nice sturdy setup, but every company is getting so close that it’s mattering less and less.

Here’s a 3.5 year old 1300sqcm front wing, with one of the worst connections systems, with a very flex mast. …and he’s absolutely ripping.

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This has been posted before AND there’s no Axis carbon comparison but… it’s definitely information that I found on the internet :face_with_monocle: My takeaway from (owning several of the masts listed) was that beyond 350000 (units?) there was no significant useability difference for my purposes.

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Hard to get information across manufacturers.
I definitely feel and notice a big difference in even all the high end in terms of stiffness mast brands. Both stiffness but also performance feel and section. Drag, glide etc
The fuse and front foil connection system also plays a massive part but that’s another issue and area I look at also.
The gear has come a long way over the last 5 years but some brands are just doing it much better.
Body weight and level of performance we are after is another key one. I’m 83kg 185cm and after high end in every foil discipline.

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try the new axis ultra mast if you can, its unreal