AFS Silk - Demo ride report

Had the chance to meet Benoit @FoilATX with AFS Foils and he showed up at my local today with a mountain of gear and let me an some friends shred all of it! Conditions were thigh high shore break with 20 kt sideshore wind. I was able to prone the 850 and 1050 and winged the 850. For reference i’m 220 lbs and have been prone foiling for 6 years.

As most people on this forum know I’m very critical of foil construciton and stiffness of setups. I’ve not ridden many setups that are stiff and reliable out of the box but today i was blown away. Assembled the AFS has 0 connection movement - on par with a good unifoil setup and a hair better than my current gen 2 gofoil. Mast was 14mm thick and had a pretty compact chord. For such a thin compact mast it was VERY stiff(sorry no hard data) but by my hand bending the foil around on the beach it was phenomenal. Its clear from the construction that they use every fraction of a MM of thickness to achieve that stiffness(uni carbon all the way to the outer layer). I’m no engineer but it had all the halmarks of a slippery setup in a stiff package.

The wing/fuse is a one piece construction with a large flat underside tail mount for the stab. I feel like some other brands taper the mount area out too much, reducing the contact patch for the stab but this was nice and wide for a robust connection. The stab itself was shaped to blend into the fuse, seemed well thought out and really flowed with the connection, probably the best i’ve seen for a universal flat mount.

When riding, the mast stiffness absolutely translated to the foils. I never felt any bend, even in choppy chaotic conditions. I rode these foils all day and was never once bucked or negatively suprised by the foils. Very reliable. Both foils were able to pump around and connect easily, even looping into the strong headwind when necessary. I was expecially impressed with the 850 which i was able to “give the business” when pumping and it didn’t falter.

Winging the 850 was a riot but every wing is good winging (high aspects, low aspects, big wings, small wings, red wings, blue wings) - I was very tired when winging because it felt like the 850 was demanding i throw many many turns! Always a nice feeling!

I’ve ridden good wings and wings that have something special. The original kujira 1210 had that something special, and has always been a battle to get it stiff enough to make that magic reliable. These wings definately retained that special something and it was a joy to have the construction to match. I feel like this is a nobrainer for someone looking for a next-gen kujira. I will say, like the original 1210, these wings aren’t high aspect pump machines. The center of the wing has some chord and has that ripping mid aspect feel. It definately benefits from that Kujira style magic low bottom end to pump around.

These wings were super approachable. We’re all good foilers, no strangers to this size range, and we were able to hop on and connect waves and shore-run down the beach as long as we were inclined(didn’t want Benoit to think we were making off with them!). I feel like its rare i’m able to feel that on my first glide on a foil.

On a personal note i’m grateful that Benoit came out and visited our spot and put gear in our hands. On the internet opinions are like…so i’m not inclined to trust much. I’m sure everyone thinks the same of my opinions at this point so i encourage you to feel the quality construction for yourself. Benoit and the AFS crew seem committed to building something cool and doing that by putting gear in foilers hands - so trusting opinions may be optional.


Good stuff. Wish i could have made it out there to try them out!

Thanks for such a detailed review. Adam B has been riding the kujira 2s and says they dont pump as well as his higher aspect f-one wings but are better on the wave. Would be interesting to test the afs back to back with the new kujiras since the front wings at least are the same. Apparently takuma fixed all their connection problems so could be interesting to compare.

Reports on the kuji II is that the front wings are great but the mast and stab kinda suck. So in france foilbrained people start opting for an allure mast, custom fuse, and custom tail (mako). The silk sounds more like plug and play as the whole construction is upgraded from takuma.


Yeah, at this point, Takuma would have to manufacture some thing really exceptional to gain my trust again. My real Takeaway is that my days of buying gear without touching it first are over. If a brand is not enthusiastic about you putting hands on their gear, it’s probably because they’re hiding something…


Thanks @TooMuchEpoxy for posting this it was great to meet you and all the others really enjoyed it!

And thanks Erik for creating this forum it allowed @TooMuchEpoxy and I to start chatting many months ago about foils and boards generally nerd out. So cool to meet people in person from here!

@FreeFoil I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know much about the kujira 2 but what makes you say/think they are the same? Looking at the publicly available data on kujira 2 none of the sizes and dimensions match.
Additionally Im not sure where or how the kujira are built but the afs factory is one of the few in the world that can achieve the level of precision and quality control we have on our carbon gear so I know the construction is also different, the carbon layups, the ultra high modulus construction, the fuselage thickness, mast thickness and stiffness, etc. That’s one of our big differences we are a manufacturer it’s not outsourced.


The wing life interview with Richard Boudia from AFS was pretty good. One thing that I found very interesting was how they are building flex into the wingtips and how it helps with ventilation and turns. He compared it to flex in a surfboard fin. It’s interesting to think about actually designing flex into the right places of a foil (vs having undesired flex).

I would LOVE to try these foils. The lack of inter-compatibility within the line is a bit of a turnoff, but I assume that gets sorted soon.


@FoilATX any chance you’re still in Charleston this weekend? I wasn’t able to make it down to check out the gear on Thursday but I’d be interested in trying out some of the AFS foils for winging as we have breeze today and tomorrow (albeit not a great direction). The PURE series look great for winging.

Unfortunately not but we are thinking through how best to do more of this in the near future. Stay tuned.

The pure are fantastic for winging, but quite versatile, we have a few team riders who prone with the Pure. The 900 is my favored wakefoil weapon too. And the HA are down winding machines.

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Thanks, @FoilATX for taking the time to let us try your gear. I loved the Silk 1050 and love that the wing and fuse are all one piece! That mast is super stiff too! I was really impressed! Chipped on a few runners and had no problem adjusting to the pump and turning that this wing allows.


I tried the Silk 1050 yesterday and this review is spot on. They are phenomenal foils.

Such turning and so hard to fall off. Tacking,360s. Everything was suddenly easy.

The whole foil weighed about 2.7 kg. The mast was as stiff as anything I have tried (f-one 16mm, Axis Alu etc)

Along with a Mikeslab it is the only foil I’ve ridden that has immediately felt so easy with such high performance.


I’ve been riding the silk’s (850/1050, UHM 85 mast and 152 tail, winging) for the past few days and agree with everything that has been said. I was looking for the magic of the Kujiras without the crappy connections and I found that and more with the silks. The foil is extremely predictable and easy/forgiving to ride and because of that you just ride them harder. You can breach them and throw tips out recklessly with easy recovery. Riding high on a mast this slippery is just awesome and because the foils breach so predictably, you can be aggressive with how high you ride. In just a few sessions I have unlocked some things that I couldn’t do on other foils. I’m curious to see how much wave power the 1050 can take. They seem to have really amazing power range, they don’t hit a top end wall like some foils, and the 1050 might be close to a one foil quiver. The 850 is also great but I found some conditions where it needed more power than I had on tap. Definitely didn’t get anywhere close to the top end on the 850.

Downside is that they are a b!tch to travel with given the monoblock design. I couldn’t fit them into a board bag. Sounds like AFS is coming out with a travel bag for them which will be handy.

Kind of dying to try the 1100HA or the rumored silk 1250.

Thanks @FoilATX for the great customer service.


Since I have k2 already I’m hoping a cedrus mast will get me close enough for my mediocre taste. I recently traveled and agree that fuse is an issue. They look amazing though. I want takuma to make a pure knock off as well….

Is it advisable to slap one of these new silks on the RACE 560 mast?
Maybe with a bit of baseplate shimming?

If you don’t mind surfing really far high … You can try :sweat_smile::rofl:.
I wouldn’t do it though, unless it’s for tow in in really big waves

I winged the AFS Silk 650 in light wind on a sinker and 5m wing and it was fantastic.
Great turning and pump and breech.
Very predictable foil.

If I got one it would be the 650 for prone and med/high wind wing and then the 1050 for light wind.

Highly recommend the 650

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What kind of wind and what is your weight on the 650?

I was using the 850 in 13-15 knots on a -20L sinker (80kg) and found I had to pump it hard to get up and manage it through lulls. Incredibly fast and fun foil, but would have been better on the 1050 in those conditions.

Same exact windspeed, 75kg, 45L board, 5m duotone slick

I think it would be super fun in the surf!


I wouldn’t advise it but you can, you will lose “toe edge to heel edge” maneuverability as the chord length on the 560 is longer for more stability at high speed. And yes you may have to shim the base plate. But Bennetts is riding the 85 in big surf and going 55+kph. If you primarily wing high speed with the 560 and occasionally want to prone a silk and only own one mast it works. It’s always about use case balance and what you want to prioritize. Can’t have it all in one yet haha

Ps the silk 850 and an 85 mast could make a strong case for a single foil quiver, I’d still probably have the urge for 2 tails ha, silk 132 for max carve and ha 165 for speed stability and glide

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To me this is exhibit a of why demo’ing is important. I would not have guessed this works, but I also have to assume you are a pretty bad ass/competent Foiler to make that work. Regardless thanks for sharing

Ps I’m envious and look forward to having this skill level